Our unique wine list features are depth and vertical selections of top producers along with a vast selection of high level producers. We use Riedel glassware and decanters to serve all of our wines. Overall, we have a high quality wine list that is well priced in a casual atmosphere.

While our wine list may seem somewhat disproportionate to the casual style of our restaurant and cuisine, we actually have many wine values compared to other Italian restaurants in the USA.
We have been told by wine producers, enologists
and importers that our wines are actually 20 to 30% below the prices of our Italian restaurant counterparts, both here and in Italy. While our wine list may seem exhausting, we are passionate about bringing the great wines of Italy to our clientele at reasonable prices.

Simply put, we try to offer the best wines we can find, exclusively from Italy, and offer them at a fair price. We are not trying to represent every region of Italy and have every price point. For this reason we like to describe it as a collection rather than a list. We focus on the best, which as everyone knows means it can be expensive but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Some of our best wines are priced below $50 per bottle. We always offer several choices by the glass at varying price points and have an apertivo such as Spumante or Prosecco and desert wines like Moscato or Vin Santo.

We think one of the most visible qualities of our wine program is the fact that when we like something we strongly promote it and represent it disproportionately. It is noticeable in our vertical selections and in the breadth we offer from certain producers.

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